(C3-4,C4-5) with osteophyte formation and sclerosis on. C5 and then from below C7 in several discs all the way down to my tailbone, including my tail bone, and also a bulge on my tailbone. Everywhere that I have the Degenerative disease I also have either osteo-phyte formation or osteo-artritis. In my lumber area there a a few places that I have fluid also. I am in constant pain, I have to wear a neck collar to bed, when I drive, shop, or try to do things around the house. I also have osteo-porosis in my lower back. Is there anyone with these similar problems. I also have a rare disease that they consider a "skin disease", called Relapsing Polychondritis that is similar to arthritis, except that it degenerates ALL THE CARTLIDGE in the body, including the ears, nose, larynyx, trachea, and aortic heart valve. Worst case senerio is my trachea or aortic heart valve could collapse and then stints would have to be put in place to keep them open. And I could also go deaf. For that, they have me on prednisone 5mg daily and methotrexate (chemo drug they use for severe cases of Rhuematoid Arthritis, that I take by injection once weekly.) I also have fibromyalgia that they consider secondary to the Polychondritis. Is anyone familiar with any of these diseases? Or do you know someone who is? (These are only a few of all of my health conditions. There are more than a dozen of other health issues that I have besides these. Any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.