I have read a few threads about ways to get off and make it as comfortable as possible, and I am going to have those things on hand this weekend when I have a 3-day weekend, and I am hoping to goodness that this is going to be OK. I am an RN and make a pretty great income, and yet I am finding myself living paycheck to paycheck, barely paying bills/rent/etc, and all my $ is going to supplement the drugs I am already receiving from my pain mgmt dr. I was in a serious car accident about 8 months ago where I almost died, and I have 3 or 4 ruptured disks in my spine, including my neck which I can barely move when I am between facet injections. I want my life back. I want my MONEY back, I want to spend it on nice things and be on top of things. I also want to get back in shape and reduce my depression which seems to have gotten a lot worse. I have been taking up to 40 10mg Norco a day, give or take, so I am afraid of the withdrawl. I have Xanax, Zanaflex (a muscle relaxer) and some Ativan. I want to ask my dr for Valium and just tell her I want to take a break from the pain meds... I have tried Suboxone in the past, and it helped to get off pills but when I tried to wean off even as slow as possible, it was HELL. That sh*t should be avoided. It's just trading one addiction for another. Please offer any support/suggestions and tell me I can DO IT! I don't want to be in pain, and I know, psychologically, I am going to be dying for some pills... I have become such a mess.