... up... And it is the liquid under the tongue type (made by Roxane or Roxanol) and I was wondering a few things.
It tastes so nasty and will chasing it with water hurt its effectiveness? How about other liquids (sodas, juices)?
How long should I try and let it stay under the tongue before swallowing it with something like water?
In the ER and Hospital they inject me with either morphine or dilaudid (or put it in my IV) and I was wondering since it seems to be so much faster acting that way can I inject the liquid I have been given for home use?

If so would the 5ml dose be the same and what size needle/syringe combo is best for a 6' -190# adult male? Especially one with poor veins (according to the nurses... I wouldn't know but with this pain am willing to find out!)

Also I see on here that Dilaudid is stronger than Morphine but the 4mg pills (dilaudid) I was prescribed for this pain didn't seem to work when I last had a major flare and ended up in the ER... I think the pills just take to long to work due to the intensity of the pain when it comes on..it hits fast and seems to build. When I went in that time I had (and usually seem to have when this happens) an elevated white blood cell count so could an infection also be inhibiting the effectiveness of the pain meds?

Thanks in advance for all your help!