I have continual post traumatic stress disorder or reoccuring or which ever term you prefer to use.I have found that I do not like taking drugs such as zoloft,or seriquil or cipralix as they work for a short period of time with me anyway and then its as if the negative effects take over worse then when Im not medicated i.e. panick attacks,I become suicidal,anxiety , flashbacks insonia ect I am trying St.johns wort not sure if it is useful with ptsd or not but Iv been to counselling and theres only so much closer one can get untill it seems to reverse the purpose I am a survivor of ritualistic childhood abuse physical,sexual,ect... ongoing into adult hood sometimes I do very well and then there are times when everything just comes crumbling down .So what would you suggest to help with the hieghtened anxiety? that could be taken when needed but left when not needed. and is it common to suffer a stroke from added stress as this occured to me last year at a very trieing time in my life and I am only 28 years old Iwoud like to go through life without feeling this way