I have had four knee surgeries over the last 18 years. This last surgeon on the recent surgery has fixed everything that was damaged, which was tendinitis, stage two arthritis, a meniscus tear & and removed a lot of scar tissue from the fat pad on the knee. I am still in a ton of pain, as I have been from the time I injured it 20 years ago. Since this surgery only solved the arthritis and not the always there chronic pain I have been tested for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and everything else possible, and all test were negative. After all this, the surgeon has run out of ideas for treatment of my pain. He does not prescribe narcotics for long-term pain. I am allergic to Ultram, Tramadol, Meloxicam and all the meds similar to those. Now he is sending me to a pain management dr. My regular Dr. has been helping me until I can get in to the pain Dr. and has prescribed Norco 10/325. It helps a lot but does not relive all of the pain. I find myself taking more than I should to control the pain so the Tylenol worries me in regards to liver and organ damage. Is there a narcotic pain med without the Tylenol that will work as well as, or preferably better than the Norco 10/325?