I have several osteoportic fractures in my thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.
My sternum is also fractured... complete break horizontally, for which I had 2 surgical inventions... one plate and one with wires, that failed and it cannot be repaired. I mention this because the fractures end up involving the entire trunk of my body. I also had an above knee amputation in 05, was working toward using a prosthetic but the strain it placed (from arm movements, etc), on my sternum are what re-broke it.
I take morphine er 60mg twice daily. If I sit most of the time, I'm OK, but when I try to do housework or really any activity, the pain gets very, very bad. My Dr. had prescribed tramadol for breakthrough pain, but Ive read so much BAD information about tramadol lately, I'd rather not use it and told her to discontinue it.
This pain also affects my left hip, which gets very bad as well.
Because of the limitations re: use of my arms and leg involving any force ,(eg; exercise).
I don't know what else I can do. I really don't want to use aspirin/tylenol combo as I do now... it's not effective enough by a long shot, and I don't want liver damage.
Any suggestions?