... to send me to a specialist and for months I have been begging him to see one, and he finally got me into an orthopedic specialist. Now they are reluctant to refill my rx until I see a specialist (in a few weeks). Before the oxycodone and referral they put me on darvocet, tramadol, flexeril, skelaxin, medrol dose packs, lorazepam and celebrex. None of those worked except oxycodone. Now I'm worried that will soon stop working and would be heartbroken if I was unable to work. I am a hairstylist so I'm on my feet and contort my body in ways that make me very uncomfortable. I regulary see a chiro for adjustments and accupuncture, a massage therapist and do yoga in hopes that something will give me some relief for just one day. How do I get it across to my dr that I NEED some help and get on the path to feeling better???