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I have chiari malformation my job consits of me bending my neck alot should I be working?

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Marvell 2 Oct 2011

Please discuss this with your doctor ... they know the extent of your condition and will give the best advice.

tryntostopthepain 12 Oct 2011

Hi, I was dx with Chiari in 2005 after Years of being missed diagnosed. As your hindbrain and brainstem gets herniated down your cervical spine which also is where your spinal cord is; their is very little room so whenever you bend your head backwards,you are compressing everything. This can cause dizziness rather quickly,so please be careful. The symptoms of Chiari are many and im so sorry to hear you have it. You should also be tested for a syrinx,which are pockets of spinal fluid that can build up along your spinal cord.
It is a MUST you get a neurosurgeon who specializes in Chiari! What MM does your herniation measure? Most surgeons will not even take you seriously if it is not 5mm or more. Seems to me if any part of our brain is out of the skull it should be treated serious. What state do you live in? I am in Ohio and traveled to Ny. to the Chiari Institute. Please feel free to private message me if youre thinking of going there.
What other symptoms are you having? My twin sister,older sister and my mom all have it. Was told it was really rare,but since then have found at least 8 other people in my VERY small town who have it also. Really makes me wonder what truly causes it..
How do you go about your normal day? I dont want to alarm you,but this is serious andwill not just go away and can become worse if the herniation grows which it normally does. I could go on forever as their is so much you need to learn so please contact me if ya like,id be happy to help share what I know. Be careful also in bending your head forward as the spinal fluid gets trapped and causes alot of head pressure to build. Be very aware of how to use your body. Always squat down and dont just bend at the waist. hope this little info helps. Again, im here for support. I am sorry you are suffering. Take care. free discount card

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