... who prescribes me percocet 10/650's along with 30mg adderall a day. Of course I have to submit to a UA on every visit. I have been in a lot of pain this past month and took more of my percocet's than prescribed. Knowing that I would run out before my scheduled doctor's visit, my mother gave me some lortab 10's to take. I have been mixing the lortab's and percocets for the past week, holding out some of my percocet's so I would have only those for 4 days before my appointment. I got a call today from the doctor asking that they see me tomorrow instead of Monday due to a scheduling conflict. I'm terrified that the lortab's will show up in my UA, but know that the percocets have stayed in my system because I have taken at least one of those this past week. Will the lortab's show in addition to the percocet's? I'm starting to think I need to reschedule my appointment and accept the suffering I will go through by not getting my prescription filled in time. My doctor has already threatened to discharge me twice because my tests came back negative a couple of months ago when I ran out of my percocets before I should have. I have suffered for 15 yrs with excruciating pain and finally have some relief. Evidently not total relief because I keep running out of my script before the next doctor's visit. Please help!!