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I have burning in my toes 24/7 can I use the gel ?

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Marvell 17 Jul 2011

Could you please add the name of the cream you are referring to.

david broyles 17 Jul 2011

voktaren gel

Marvell 18 Jul 2011

Yes, you can try to use Voltaren gel, unless you are on medication or have any health conditions that contraindicate the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

silkat 21 Jul 2011

hello david, you really shouldn't use anything until you know " why" your toes are burning. is it only your toes, or is it by now, your whole foot? either way, voltaren is strong is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ... NSAID... and it's basically used for pain, muscle and joint pain... i don't think this is the right med for you to use, but then again, i'm not a doctor... which is what you really need, my friend... be well and let us know what the doc said... free discount card

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