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I have bruises and bleed more with the pen, it is not easy to inject?

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Rajive Goel 25 Jun 2010

Are you taking about Insulin?

danbet01 25 Jun 2010

Yes sorry I was not clear. When I press the button on the end of the pen it seems quite stiff, not as easy as a regular syringes. I try to hold the pen in the palm of my left hand and press the button to release the insulin. My stomach is bruising and that did not happen when I used syringes for the injections. Thank You

Rajive Goel 26 Jun 2010

I use 20IU of insulin everyday via the conventional vial & syringe (insulin syringe) method & have clots on my abdomen, i guess to avoid it best to use the spirit like solution which can be bought from the pharmacy, this is used by docs before injecting a person, which perhaps numbs the surface area thus the clots don't form, guess you could talk to your pharmacist for more help, maybe i have been able to help, take care. free discount card

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