I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to cut back on them. I had back surgery in August, but am still in a lot of pain. My doctor wants me to go on methadone, but I am not sure what to do. Right now, I have to take more and more of the oxycodone for it to take care of the pain; and I don't want to keep living my life in 4 hour increments. I have more surgery ahead of me, and dread it because after this surgery I felt everything. The pain meds they gave me just didn't take care of the pain. Right now I am taking 60mg of oxy every 4 hours. I will be 60 soon, and my life is very stressful because of the constant pain I am in, and I am also trying to take care of my 3 young grandchildren full time. I have some other health issues, and have applied for disability but got denied. So add financial stress to the mix as well. Has anyone been in this situation? Did you go from Oxy to methadone? Has it helped? Or did you just find yourself addicted to something else? I just don't know what to do.