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I have been unable to get my medication. What are the consequences for stopping paroxetine 20 mg?

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till33 26 May 2010

well if you stop just right out you will go through some withdrawl.its best to do it slowly.symptoms will be increased anxiety,mood swings,sleep disturbances.and sometimes suicidal thinking..if i was you i would find a way to get some more and go down slowly

marjorie zych 26 May 2010

Just so you know there is a program that helps people who can't afford their meds. Here is the info: Partnership for Prescription Assistance--- Tel. 1-888-477-2669--- Hope they can help you, they have helped me before and many others. You will probably end up with some worsing depression and possible suicial thoughts by just dropping the Paxil (paroxetine). Does your doctor have samples? Some doctors do carry samples you may want to check so you can keep yourself safe until hopefully this company can help you. Good luck.

christineATU 26 May 2010

Excellent advice Marjorie. There is also a printable coupon at You can use it right away for up to 75% off the price of meds. And you're right about the free samples at the docs. Anti-depressants are one of the most frequently provided samples by pharmaceutical companies. How do you know so much?? :)

marjorie zych 26 May 2010

Experience!! Not saying I know it all but experience does help some. I am on low income and have had to fight to get what I need most of my life. I have tracked down programs and stuff to help when I could find them and now I pass it on, because I know how much fighting I had to do so I am just trying to save others from having to fight the system, it is so frustrating to have to fight for everything especially if you have to fight it alone. If I can help anymore please let me know and I will try my best. Like I said I don't know everything but what I don't know I will try to help you find. Noone should be without if they don't have to!!! Good luck my friends. free discount card

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