... since I have been troubled with very significant headache, during use of nifedipine, I have ceased its use abruptly. I was not consistent in my use of nifedipine, prior to its cessation. However, now I am experiencing very, significant- and very troubling headache, throughout the day. Additionally stomach discomfort and nausea accompany the constant headache. These symptoms are experienced as I first awake, and they continue through the day.

Have I compounded my problems, through the abrupt cessation of this drug, even though it was not taken very consistently. I am living without air condition, at this time. Under these conditions, as nifedipine is abruptly ceased, would it be correct to assume that very significant vessel constriction would follow? I am very concerned about the possible incidence of temporary ischemic attacks, resulting in altered mental function. Would a TIA be a possible outcome, under these conditions? Thank You!