i recently have been havin some heart problems they are telling me i am having pvc s and that it wont kill me but it just keeps getting worse i have hep c and i have not started treatment yet i have been trying to come off all the meds l,like suboxone and i just stopped takin trazadone and ambien i am only on a small piece of sub and the heart med diltiazem and a klonipine here and ther to relax from all the anxiety but i cant understand why my pvs keep getting faster... i went to gyno to get a test and i had 103 temp the told me i had uti and it was in my kidneys just feel like my biody is getting attacked i dont have hiv or aides but maybe the hep c is comin on fast and was just told i am post menopausel at 44 that explains all the sweats and the bitchy nights but i am living in a day by day hell.. i thinkfive mnthds ago i started a work out plan i was run walking 3 5 miles a day and i get no sleep cuz i work 10 to twelve hours a day and i stopped the trazadsone which i found out can give youir heart rythem... i dont no if im comin or goin... help