I have been through 3 psychiatrists and no solid dx. until 3 years ago I was completely normal fine, only ambien to sleep at night occassionally. now I am on lamichtal, ambien, xanax sometimes 3 times a day 1 mg, and ativan 2 mg once or twice a day. I am anxious as hell, can hardly get out of bed. I have a husband and 4 kids and a career i work at home as a financial advisor but I am so completely lonely. I don't think i 'm an addict. i'm just scared, and have not kept in touch with most of my friends. I'm trying to find another psychiatrist, my therapist was on leave 4 months and i had an awful psychiatrist. i've only taken a lot of anxiety meds since the last month. Also, i have bad abdominal pain ffrom multiple surgeries and take 3 percocet a day, but i really need that for pain, could try something else... sorry to ramble. no one knows what's wrong with me, My husband is concerned but aloof... I wish i could hire a mother to take care of me a while, does that make sense? i'm scared