... 32years old now im 41 . at first my dad gave it to me when i was in pain , he had three back surgurys, and was in pain all the time but did not abuse the drug like me. It helped my back and then some it also helped my depression thats how I became addicted to this drug , the most I have ever have had in a day was 4 tablets of 750 mg, but then I also take pristiq and atvin, I do not snort my pills . but the norco is not working anymore on my chronic muscle spams in my upper back, so now the doctor prescribed amrix but I waiting to get these norco out off my body, because I have taken then every day 4 time daily for 6 weeks now, having a little withdraw on second day , but my mind is wanting more of my norco this is the worst part for me. any sugestions ?