At my last mammogram, I was told they wanted to take another mammogram of my right breast. When I went, it scared me to death. It hurt - they mashed it so hard and pulled at it, and I was slightly broken out under my breast and also small breasted. Why do they have to mash it so hard? Anyway, I was waiting for the results and they said they wanted another image of it. I had already had many images of it taken. Of course, this scared me to death. Then they said they wanted to take an ultrasound of the right breast to compare it. I was told to come back in 6 months. Then a few days later, I received a letter saying my breast was normal after the mammogram and ultrasound and I didn't have to return for a year. I was, of course, happy and relieved nothing was wrong. Then I was so angry that I was put through the extra x-rays especially since I'm small breasted (it may affect me more and I have Sjogren's Syndrome). I was also angry about being scared and the extra cost which I can't afford. Should I quit taking Vagifem? I do not ever want to have to go through that again.