... idn't seem to be working as well as it had. I have two level disc disease in my back, had one surgery 15 years ago. I took all my script in june before I was due for more, kinda freaked out and ordered some online. My wife found the receipt and called my doc and told him I was abusing the meds. So he cut my ultram script in half, and I am supposed to wean myself off it. He said we'll do the same with opana after. How am I supposed to deal with the pain with no meds? Oh yeah, my sister got on the bandwagon too, and told my doc that I have abusive tendencies. Thanks a lot, sis! This is because I drank a lot and smoked pot in high school, and got kicked out of college( 20 years ago )for failing grades cuz I was partying too much. But pretty soon after I stopped partying on my own, met a girl, had a family, have a good job, and have like 10 classes left to get an Mechanical Engfineering degree. I think I should be able to keep taking opana, but I think the doctor does not want anything to do with me bacause of what my sister said, once he weans me off the drugs :so he doesn't feel bad that i am withdrawing. How can I convince him to keep treating me with meds without sounding like an addict? Also, how can I ease withdrawal symptoms I am sure to get? The restless leg thing is terrible. Thanks