I am 29 yrs old & have been taking tri-sprintec for a few reasons. i have endometriosis, heavy and painful periods, and also in a commited relationship and would livke to prevent pregnancy.From day 2 or 3 i started feelin different. i have become filled with anxiety but i already have been diagnosed with that and take xanax and prozac daily along with the BC... my sleep pattern has changed, im always tired, i have no sexual desire and i just recently started getting a burning pain in my left nipple. my doctor says i have to wait 3 months but im at my witts end and my boyfriend is very supportive but i know hes not happy either, can you please give me some advice and / or suggestions on what to do. my doctor told me this is a very level dose that i am on so can i get anything with less hormone, by the way my periods have been getting alot better so that is the only plus... what do i do??