... a lot of bone pain. At first I was put on 200mg ER daily and it was great. But one day I was working outside in the cold and hurt so bad... I had heard over the years that you could break an ER pill and it will fast act. I tried it and it was so helpful. For the first year after I started that I took half at 10am and half at 5 pm. The next year I started no longer feeling the affects so I started taking both halves at once at the same times each day. Once I got to 400mg I quickly wanted more. By the end of that upcoming year I was buying pills online as well as my regular script from my doctor. It started out at 180 pills of 50mg a month. Now after 5 years of use, I am buying 3-4 (180) 100mg pills a month online plus my regular script. I now start my day at 7am with 400mg and usually by 10am I do another 400mg then 2pm 6pm and 9pm. Sometimes I bump up to 500mg a dose. I did quit cold for a month simply because I couldn't afford it. I am up to $500 a month just on Tramadol. As I age my blood disorder increasingly deteriorates my body. I have become basically disabled due to my seizure disorder (was diagnosed as a result of my blood issues NOT the Tramadol). I now have money issues that I never used to have. I suffered terrible when I quit, it took 2 weeks to get past the withdraw, but the depression stayed with me... So I started again. I honestly feel much better using... I hate admitting that, but it is true. My honest issue is I simply hate the money involved and I hate the addiction. I know it is there, I can finally admit that. I don't like the anxiety of always needing it. Plus I worry about eventually ODing. It has yet to happen, but I know that as my tolerance increases the risk is there. Any suggestions??? I already know I gotta quit, but how and make it stick?