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I have been taking Prozac since Jan. 8, 2010 and I am still drepressed!?

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Rajive Goel 5 May 2010

Rather unfortunate, cheer up & try talking to your pharmacist/doc. perhaps they may change the medication, best of luck, hope this helps?

depression hurts 5 May 2010

Thanks for your comment. I have an appointmnet with my Psychiatrist on May 14, 2010 and I will discuss this with him. I cannot say that I am the same way I was in January, but I see just a little improvement. Sleepy all the time, no energy, no JOY. I have some many things( Not material, but husband, daughter, and specially GOD) to be grateful and happy, I don't understand me :(
Thanks again!

Rajive Goel 5 May 2010

All shall be well, trust in God, cheer up & try to be happy, I have suffered a lot but perhaps have no choice but to live with certain conditions, so might as well live cheerful & happy, best of luck.

till33 5 May 2010

dont feel bad i have taken every antidepressant on the market over the last ten years and nothing has ever worked, now im not condoning drug use but lorcet makes me happy

christineATU 5 May 2010

till33... I like your honesty!

till33 6 May 2010

thank you no since in given someone false hope.but let me also say that some drugs do work on certain people,you see it could just be me

christineATU 5 May 2010

Depression DOES hurt. Be sure and let your doc know the Prozac isn't working. He/she may increase the dosage or switch you to another medication. You need to be proactive in your own mental health too. Get out and do things that you enjoy. Even if you have to force yourself in to a routine. After a few weeks, you will naturally stimulate those feel good endorphins. Good luck to you!

depression hurts 6 May 2010

Thanks ChristineATU. Today, I went to a have manicure and a pedicure, to be honest, I was so afraid, my legs were shaking, but I controlled myself and feel good since I don't do things that I enjoyed before because of the depression and panic attacks.

christineATU 7 May 2010

Awesome! Next time maybe you can take me? You got through it, enjoyed it, and now you KNOW it can be done. Make a daily planner and stick to it. Manicure today, visit a pet shop for 30 minutes tomorrow! Baby steps, and before you know it, you're happy and adjusting to a life without panic. Very happy to hear the good news :)

Inactive 7 May 2010

What dosage are you taking?

Are you taking any other meds and if so, which? free discount card

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