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I have been taking opana er it hels some but I need something for break through pain what can be ta?

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chefrichard 6 Dec 2009

i am on opana er twice a day 40 mg and the doctor gives me 120 roxycodone 30 mg for break through they work great no complaints

IhearttheOcean 30 Sep 2010

This is an excellent combo. I wish I could have found a dr to prescribe this to me. Unfortunately I had to get one from my dr a nd one on my own to make my own combo. Doctors around here are way too worried about writing prescriptions so we end up suffering or having to take care of it illegally which is crazy considering help is available and perfectly legal but the government makes it so hard on the doctors so they end up wanting to keep their job safe and in turn dont help their patients as good as they could.

Sorry for the rant lol. If you can get your doctor to prescribe this combo, it should work great for you.

dbridg2324 1 Jan 2010

I take OpanaER 40mgs twice daily, and use percets for breakthru pain. Hope this helps, dbridg2324

oxyaaron 30 Sep 2010

i would have to say the oxycodone 30mg instant release ould be your best be

Bayouboy 25 Dec 2010

I began with Opana 10mg for breakthrough pain. Following a few months of continued pain, I am prescribed two 10mg every 8 hours along with the Opana ER. free discount card

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