My Dr. just gave me the new RLS drug Horizant last week. He said everyone loves it and it doesn't even script Mirapex for his patients any longer. I took it last Fri for the 1st time and I slept great, but the next am I was very dizzy and sleepy, finally got over that in the early PM. Sat I took it again @ 5pm and by 10 I couldn't stand it, I was up all night but legs with all over the place!!! So I gave it another try on Sun @ 7pm and it was even worse, OMG! I thought this was going to be so much better than Mirapex, finally @ 2 am I took my Mirapex and was asleept with the hr. I really want to take the Horizant, thew mirapex much me put on weight and retain more water. Sounds crazy but its does. Help does anyone have input on this new drug and does it take a week or so to take effect. I was ready to pull out my hair!!
I called the Dr. but I won't know anything for a day or so. Thanks!