I've been on the Phen for 2 years. Prescribed by diff docs. The "diet" doc gives me the pills in his office, so the pharmacist doesn't even know I take that med. And I didn't mention it to my primary physician because I know he would tell me to "get off that crap". But I struggle so much with my weight and if I gain now it will just add to my problems. I feel like the Phen keeps me from way, way, way overeating. When I have gone without it, I eat much more. Now I see the scary drug interaction info on serotonin syndrome. Can that side effect develop at any time - or would I have had a problem by now if I were going to have that reaction? I see other people posting that they have the same doc knowingly prescribing both theses drugs. I've seen people post that they feel the Lexapro helps the Phen be a more effective appetite suppressant. I am a 44 yo female and 25 pounds overweight but otherwise healthy (good bp, good chol). Both obesity and depression run in my family and I have never taken anti-depressants before but I am having a very difficult personal situation and found the Lexapro really helps. I am having bad insomnia and nothing seems to help that - not Lunesta or Restoril (can't take Ambien, gives me a terrible "hangover". Could the insomnia be a side effect of the Lexapro and Phen combo? I just figured it was stress (terrible financial and marital difficulities..)