... Compared to the other drugs I was on (Dilantin, Tegretol to name a couple), I feel as close to normal as possible and I have been well controlled. My husband and I were always concerned with possibilities of birth defects due to my meds. However we were told and understood that Lamictal's research did not show to have as significant birth defect rates as "older" meds did. Of course, we took into account the fact that it was a new med therefore did not have adequate longitudinal evidence. Anyway, we have a healthy 5 year old and now would like to have another child. Recently my neurologist informed me that reports have come out that Lamictal is proven to have an increased chance of birth defects (shocking... hint of sarcasm). Now she said that Keppra has less recorded birth defects than Lamictal. Keppra is also 5 years younger and, just like Lamictal in previous years, does not have long-term data to support otherwise. My predicament is... should I change my Lamictal which allows me to live a "comfortable" life with minimal side effects and is proven over a long period of time to control my seizures? Or do I change to Keppra which isn't guaranteed to offer me piece of mind and puts me at risk of seizures which could have a detrimental effect on my family and health... just so reduce my chances of birth defects? I am also concerned for my quality of life. I use to be on multiple "older" meds that put me in a haze for years and I DON'T want to go back there. I have researched for hours for actual statistics but haven't come up with a whole lot. If there is there anyone who can offer some advice... or anyone who has experienced side effects from Keppra that you could warm me about would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)