... am up to, what my psych doc, said was the maximum dosage allowed of 2mg once a day. She prescribed it for restless leg syndrome. She kept ignoring me when I spoke about getting off Clonazepam. I explained that I hated being addicted to it and it used to really help me sleep but the good effects have all but worn away after taking it for so long. Well, after having a talk with her in person about a number of issues she and I seem to have, she said OH I didn't know you wanted to quit taking Clonazepam and dropped my dost 25% and my friend said, oh and what helper drug did she prescribe? I said none. My doc has basically washed her hands of me and told me those drugs aren't her area of expertise so I had better get a consult to someone else from my regular doctor. Wish me luck in the meantime?! To the person that tried going half a dose to quit on his or her own, I would only recommend a doctors supervision. I know we're all different chemically but I would hate to see anyone go through what I did when I tried half once for a few days, and cold turkey once on my own since my doc wouldn't listen.