I am about to start my withdrawal as today is my third day without. I am a little nervous but I know I can get through it. I finally admitted everything to my husband and he is on board. I have withdrawn off Oxy and Vics successfully years ago. I started taking the methadone b/c I had a moment of weekness when I was sideblinded by post partum depression after I had my last baby and my "friend" offered it. I had never taken it but my God did it make things better... until I realized that this drug is evil and now refuse to put it in my body. I would rather go through hell than be fat, lazy, forgetful and broke. I have always been very active (dr allowed me to continue Mt climbing until I was 7 mo preg) and was in denial about how lazy this drug made me (It been a year since the baby and I haven't even been hiking). That drug self talk can be very convincing (I don't really have a problem, etc.). I did start withdrawing in August but didn't have time to go through the rough days (I only made it three days and then started again) but it was b/c I had to take care of my household and couldn't get out of bed. I have a stong will and a strong support this time, so I know I will be successful. I am just curious about other people's experience and any home remedies they used to ease the symptoms.