... scared to withdraw. I went to my doctor today and he was very little help. He said "I really don't know what to tell you because I've never had anyone taking this much of anything" when asked about a taper schedule. I need to do this rather quickly for a variety of reasons.

I've been taking 7-8 pills 4 times per day for just over 1 year. I suggested cutting to 7 pills 4x per day tomorrow, 6 pills 4x on day 2, 5 pills per day on day 3, and to continue cutting 4 per day until I reach 0 on day 8. My doctor said "good luck" and wrote me a script for Clonidine. I have to say that I was looking for a little bit more in the way of safely planning this from him. His attitude suggested I was wasting his time.

I've lined up a friend to stay with me from the time I get home from work until I leave again in the morning. He's going to distribute the pills to me to keep me honest. Is this a safe withdrawal plan for this much medication? I've never had a seizure.

I'm also currently 4 days into quitting drinking alcohol. I've not had tremmers, just some sweating on and off. I think the alcohol withdrawal is likely over.

I have strong support from my very straight laced girlfriend who now knows absolutely everything. I also have very strong support from an AA group I've been lying to for 15 months. I have wonderful young children and a wonderful job.

I need advice and support from people who know this nasty drug Tramadol. Do I need to talk to a different doctor? I'm scared to death, but know that if I don't nip this now I'll likely die a horrible drug induced death sooner or later. It has to stop NOW!