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I have been takin Elvil for treatment of headaches for 10 years. Is there any long term affects?

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tsrygley 22 Jan 2011

did you mean Elavil?

jnaquin 22 Jan 2011

yes, sorry about the spelling.

Cathleen186 22 Jan 2011

jnaquin, is the Elavil still working for headaches? do you want off of it? I took Elavil for 1 year, and it was a weening off process, but 10 years might be different. i did not experience any long term effects, just me though...

caringsonbj 22 Jan 2011

I had an
Aunt who used this drug for various reasons when she stopped the medication she was able to move on without problems, in fact she was on it longer than you, but I will tell you this what affects one person one way does not always have the same on another it is my sincere wish that you have as easy a time discontinuing this as she did, the drug is not new by any strtch of the imagination it is tricyclic this is a walk down memory lane is was noted in my manual in 1995 it does say that do not stop this medication without reducing the dose slowly so it depends on how much you have been taking the information that I have does not tell me how to do a reduction it does tell me that this medication comes in 10mg/ 25mg/ 50mg/ 75mg/ and last 150mg
you may need to discuss this with a doctor (after all he knows about your condition as a whole) another resource would be your pharmacist whatever you decide please be safe I want the best for you if I can help in any other way please let me know

christineATU 22 Jan 2011

I was unable to find any information about long term uses. You could also google National Institutes of Health (NIH) and search for clinical trial for this medication. below is the link that has info on maintenance dosage and other useful information on Elavil. Sorry I couldn't help you more. I was prescribed this medication but for a short time only. Good luck on finding the info you need.
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