... now includes neck, hip, lower back, pretty much just all over miserable. I have posted ?'s on back pain & other pages as well. Some of the dr.s I have seen have mentioned fibromyalgia. I was taking lyrica and it really helped bring the pain level down a few #'s but I could not tolerate the side effects. I think I had every single one!! I can have a few good days when I can get a few things done but then it seems like I am wiped out for days... don't feel like getting off the couch, everything hurts, very tired, depressed and moody, I get very annoyed with everyone. especially those who care about me the most. I am currently taking 60mg 2xday kadian, and 2 soma 350mg a day. I think it is helping the pain, but not enough and the constipation is terrible. I am starting to think maybe it really is fibromyalgia since the lyrica helped, ( i also tried nurotin but once again the side effects were terrible). Does this sound like fibromyalgia, what else can I try? I am soooo sick of being in pain and physically exhausted most of the time. I go back to the dr soon and would like as much advice as possible to suggest to the dr so I can get my life back. I am tired of feeling like I am just taking up space and feeling totally useless. I am also unable to work since I feel so awful. Please any advice is appreciated greatly