... blades. It would take my breath away, making it impossible to take a deep breath. It is very sensitive to touch, it makes me cramp, I always have to be consious of people behind me so they don't touch it. At times it feels like there are bees stinging me. My neck and arms bother me also. If I reach or extend my arm a certain way it will immediatly cramp up my neck. My arms & hands fall asleep alot also, mostly at night. I will wake up from all the pins & needles. It sometimes feels like my hand is the size of a basketball. I've had a MRI and it said I have 2 bulging disks in my neck, digenerative disk disease and the start of arthritis. Although, the dr.'s said they don't see enough in the MRI to cause me so much pain. In Aug. '08, my right hip became very sore while camping. I thought it was from sleeping on a mattress that was too thin, the pain kept getting worse. I got an injection for bursitis but when the dr. gave it to me and my leg spasmed (it that a word) the dr said that it wasn't bursitis. Now at times my left hip becomes sore, nothing like the right but still hurts. In Feb. '10, my lower back started hurting. I never had too many problems with it before, unless I did too much. Within a week, I was unable to stand up straight and the pain started going down my right leg but stopped at my knee. I recieved more injections in my lower back and right hip.(cortisone) Within 2 days after the injections I was very sick. Hot/cold sweats, neausea, and still in terrible pain. The dr. said it is impossible to get sick from the shots. This went away in about 4-5 days, although the pain still was there. Now, on top of all this, I am now having a really bad burning sensation with pain in my stomach.

Now as far as meds., etc... I have had a hard time finding a dr. to help me and/or believe me. Why would I make this up? The dr just kept saying I was depressed and that was making the pain worse. I tried a few antidepressents but they never seemed to help so I stopped taking them. I was taking 6 10/325 hydrocodine (sometimes more) and 4 350mg soma per day. On Dec 1st, I had ran out of pain pills 5 days early, I went to my dr. appt and the dr. cut me off cold turkey! I had no choice but to go through the withdrawal and remain in pain. It was pure hell, but I made it through... I didn't even bother to complain because I was so upset feeling like why bother none of the drs believe me anyway. The dr. also dropped me as a patient because he said I missed appointments, which I never would have because all I ever wanted was to fix my back. Now, I am seeing a new dr. (he is still with the same hospital, just in a different building) He has me taking 60mg. kadian 2xday and soma 350mg 2xday. Some days I am able to actually get up and accomplish stuff, but I always suffer terribly afterwards. I am suffering from terrible constipation, which I never had before and the past 6 days terrible burning in my stomach. The dr says probable too much acid in my stomach. ( I posted a ? on another support group for that). I am miserable just about all the time. I don't understand why I can't find any help. All I want is my life back. I was physically abused by my ex-husband for 12 yrs, I finally got away and met someone really nice, but now I'm scared that is going to get ruined because I'm miserable and unhappy from being in pain all the time. I have so much stress and pain all the time, I have no quality of life at all. I feel like the signs that say no one deverves to live in pain apply to everyone BUT ME! I'm sorry this is so long, I really hope someone replies. I'm sure I left alot out, just ask me and I'll answer. I just don't know what to do or what to say or ask the dr about. Maybe it's me, but all I want is to feel pain-free and enjoy my kids and fiance and be happy again. Please any advice would help. Thanks