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I have been prescribed fentanyl patch and received lidocaine patch 700mg. Are they the same thing?

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14 May 2010

They are both for pain but are not the same thing. The Fentynal Patch is a strong narcotic and the Lidocaine is actually a numbing medicine in a patch form. The Fentanyl Patch can be very addicting and fast, I suggest using mainly the Lidocaine Patch if you can. But they are definately different even though they both help with pain. Hope this answers your question enough.

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14 May 2010

Marjorie is correct. The lidocaine is a topical numbing agent unlike the fentanyl that actually gets in your system to treat moderate to severe pain, depending on the dosage. Always be careful when applying the pain patch. Make sure you don't accidentally tear or puncture the patch. Also do not apply heating pads on the same area as the patch. Heat will cause too much of the medication to be released in to your system. If that happens, the patch will not last the recommended 3 days.
Hope you get your pain under control.

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