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I have been on Wellbutrin sr for 11 years and now I have to start taking Gleevec. any interactions?

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kytteneyes 7 Jun 2010

As for this website there were no interactions found. You could ask your pharmacist to double check. Hope this helps.

DOWTONg 7 Jun 2010

Gordon here: Please excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea as to what Gleevec was, or what it might be used for. I was originally going to comment on the Wellbutrin issue, but seeing this... I am not too shappy when it comes to neurobiology and bio-medical concepts, so having said this, with the number of prophylatics that you are taking for different/related/unrelated organic hiccups, you SHOULD be experiencing some form of difficulty(ies) either mild or severe. Your physician(s) are your first contacts. Trying to go by what others are experiencing can be a tricky course to follow. So many different ways that the organism will respond to 'strangers' in the system and as to how these 'strangers' might interact with one another is work for game theorists, high caliber chess players. An old saying... 'The greater the number of moving parts, the greater the chances for something to go wrong.' This of course refers to mechanical systems, cars and the like. A first suggestion is to do your best and not to 'over think' the problem(s). Try to keep notes of EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING, within and without. Quite often a pattern will emerge that will help both you and your physicians. I do not propose to be an expert in anything, but will do more research, talk to some friends of mine and see if there is some sensible information that I can give too you. I am adding you as a friend and as such would ask that if you feel so inclined, give me a better understanding of your OVERALL difficulties. If not, that is alright to. I will continue on my research path and you... well, just know that you have someone who cares(a stranger)in your corner. Take care, Gordon free discount card

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