Ok, I started taking these when I was burned in 1993. I was hooked on them for about two years and honestly can not remember how I got off of them. I'm now 44yrs old with a wife and three children and about two years ago I started taking them again,4 to 5 a day. I really hate myself for getting back on them again and I honestly want to get off of them. Last Saturday I ran out and have not taken any sense then but had started taking another pain killer that the wife had. I can tell that it is not as stronge because I get very moody and I can not be like this around the family. The company I had worked for for over 18 years closed up at the begining of the year and I have not been able to find a job sense other than the side jobs I have been doing. I'm so far behind on some of my bills that I could start losing things very soon. I have always been the type that had no problem working 10 to 12 hour days and taking the vicoden has not slowed me up at all so they are not the reason for me not having a job.I only have four more of the wifes pills and they are not even close to vicoden and there is no possible way I can just stop because I can already see my mood swings now and they will be 10 time worse when I have nothing. I'm going to have to get more vicoden today and when I do I'm going to try to take one at 5:00am when I get up,one at noon and then another towards the evening instead of the five or more a day. I will then try to take each pill later in hopes that the last one will be around bed time so I can go with out or at least try. This is not a reason to go get more even though it looks that way it is the only thing I can think of to try to slowly get off of them. Again, there is no way I can just stop now or I will not be able to work at all and I do not want my family to see this trastic change. Would appreciate anybody thoughts. Thanks