... today. Somehow, the test came back positive for both percocet and methadone in addition to suboxone. It was one of those quick test that show the results instantly. I have only been seeing this doctor for a few months and I'm worried that he will stop seeing me. I haven't taken any Rx medication other than suboxone and remeron (anti-depressant). I also take medication for high cholesterol and acid reflux. My question is, can suboxone be responsible for this false positive or could it be my other meds? I immediately asked for a script to be tested at a lab and went right away. I thought it was a blood test, but it was another urine test though I assume it will be more accurate than the quick test. Is it possible it will come back with the same result? If so, what should I do??? P.S. I've been tapering my dose and I'm down to 1mg/day (.5 morning and night). I recently tried to decrease more and was unsuccessful due to SEVER anxiety. I my doc to help me with it and he said "I wasn't ready" (whatever that means). He said I was tapering too quickly and didn't want to prescribe anything else that can be addictive which I understand. I know there's alot of information on here about this subject, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!