... Lortabs and OC. I have finally decided that im tired of havin to take A pill to feel normal. Ive been without suboxone this wil b the 4th dAy.My dr has given me 7 different meds to take none r suspose to b addictiave. my problem is i started havin leg cramps the 3rd day so my dr said to take hot bathes. Well now im still up at 5:07 A.M. because of the leg cramps even though my dr gave me Phenobarbital 30mg tablets im suspose to take one at bedtime which i did i also took a 1mg Klonipin and still had cramps so i took another Phenobarbital... well needless to say i wont b able to sleep tonight and i am sleepy... i did go to sleep for a few mins but my leggs wouldnt stop hurtin... my guestion is does anyone have any advice for me on how to stop the restless leggs so i can sleep... im callin my dr as soon as they open but i would like all the advice that i can get