... and a half ago, I started taking 20mg a day. It seems the longer that I am on this Subs, the worse my health gets. I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalshia and I got my opiate addiction from the pain meds they started prescribing me. Since then, I have also tested positive for lymes disease. I have been reading over all of the posts and I have so many of the same symptoms from being on the Suboxone..the swelling, tingling and numbness, weight gain, still have severe pain and migraines ect. However, last year I started having facial twitches. I really didnt think anything about them until one day they turned into grand mal seizures. The seizures only happen when I am just waking up from a nap. I never in my life had any type of seizure. I have had every test possible done and they can find no reason or cause for the seizures. I truly believe that the length of time that I have been on the Suboxone has something to do with the seizures and facial spasms. I am currently also taking anti seizure meds, Cymbalta and just recently started Prozac. I am so extremely depressed and scared. I want so badly to be off the Suboxone, but I am terrified of being taken off of it. I know it sounds completely ridiculous. All I did was switch addictions. The main reason I am so scared is because for me, the Subs are the only thing that get me going just like the percs and oxys used to do. I am so disgusted with the whole situation. I would be grateful for any positive feedback or advice. Thanks