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I have been on suboxone 8mg 3x a day for 3 days how long to wait to do an opiote?

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oktoday 26 Jan 2010

It can take up 36 hours since your last dose to be out of yor system. you were on a high dose maybe even 72 hours. It also depends on your previos toerance. I had to get down to subs nd on the third days my oxys seem to work fine again for my kidney stones. I was on a lower dose of subs just 2mg a day for 4 months though. why do you want to go back on opiates, its not a judgement just curios. Subs can work well just takes time.good luck

falcon11 26 Jan 2010

I was wondering because of the short time I have been subs I was taking eight 80mg oxycontins and 8 30 roxicodones a day and I wanted to take a couple of roxicodnes I am not going to fully go back to opiotes I was wondering thats all I took a sub at 2:30 this afternoon did not take my third and was wondering if roxicodone would do anything for me in the morning or even tonight

oktoday 26 Jan 2010

Thats alot of oxycodone you may be better with methadone.your taking over 1000mg of oxycodone and to take less, I dont know. I have never been able to lower my does of oxys. I was off everything for 4 years. I took 30mg of oxycodone and i though I was in heaven and within one week i was back to 10 a day. Thts me and like I said I am making no judgement here. I just am curious if its for pain methadone might be better because you take it once a day but like any opiod u get a tolerance I knew one person who was taking 2500mg of methadone a day, no way people say I would stand in line and i heard his dose and the cup was almost full with the red liquid methadone. I was on 60mg and my dose look like someone put 10 drops of liquid in it so i knew he was on that much. I understand pain emotional and physical so if you need relief you need it. I think your body is so use to the opiods that the subs didnt help with thepain or the wantn that feeliing you get.

mitjason 26 Jan 2010

The manufacture states that Buprenorphine (Suboxone) can stay in some peoples systems for up to 11 days after taking their last dose. The half life of Suboxone is generally 20 to 44 hours so it could be out of your system within 40 to 88 hours. Remember that's the average and it could stay in your system longer like 11 days. Hope this helps. Good luck to you. free discount card

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