and no break through at the time. 16 yrs later I was up to 80 mg of percocet and 1-2 10 mgs of percocet for break through. he also let me try different meds on a 2 week basis i case incase did not work.
I don't remember at all going through detox. and I don't know how I got off these high dosed of meds.
I also had a few bottles of 4 m mgs of dilaudid, mand as well as a few 2 bottles . my doc and I use to go back and forth so when one quit working he would try me on my choice of breakthrough. I feel bad I lost without this doc. I am now working with a doc that seems to want to listen. and I will give hi a chance. to work with me. however back t my question, why don't I detox like so many of you do when coming off large amt of pain med?
have a painfree day