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I have been on oxycodone oxycontin, I was told it is a form of herion?is it?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2011

How about it is simply in the same broad family of heroin, and that family is opiates. Your brain produces its own opiates and it tends to trickle only a small amount out as needed, in some circumstances, the brain will not produce enough to get a person comfortable. This is when opiates are prescribed, and if you used this properly under your doctors advice and careful watch, you should be fine. You know to make sure you eat before taking it, and to make sure you drink enough during the day, and make sure you let your doctor know if you pain level rises enough that you are tempted to take more than he prescribes, and you should be fine.

toobadgirl 25 Apr 2011

Yes they are correct. Its in the family of opiates. How long are you taking this for? To avoid being physically dependant on it be sure to discontinue use after 3 to 4 weeks. if you stay on it 6 weeks you will become dependant and your doctor will have to taper you off of them so you dont go through withdrawal. dont quit cold turkey. you can give yourself a heart attack or some such thing. free discount card

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