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I have been on Nexium for almost a year now is that bad?

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teknotard 21 Mar 2011

Well, I think the better question is, is it nessecary?

Dugs like nexium are being over used in my opinion in most areas of medicine. Generally it should used for GERD, Ulcers, and other severe issues as opposed to heart burn.

I don't think a lot of doctors think of trying to stop it after someone has used it it for an extended period of time.

I think though, you may want to know if there are an issues with it. Other than having to take a pill every day and pay for an expensive medicine. There are some long term use side effects. The use of PPI's (the class of drugs nexium belongs to) prevents the body from absorbing vitamine B-12. It also can raise your risk of getting a "super infection" C.Diff becasue the stomach acid would normally help kill the bacteria. Finally, just recently released a statement that the use of PPI's can lead to low levels of magnseium in the blood.

Hope this helps

Brian PharmD Candidate

LaurieShay 21 Mar 2011

Hey teknotard,

Quick question because I take omeprazole on a regular basis. Does it prevent B 12 absorption or just decrease it? I don't want to get pernicious anemia.

teknotard 21 Mar 2011

I would say decrease, because I haven't seen a ton of patients getting anemia, this is based on looking out for something like macrocytic anemia as well.

PPI's block the release of Intrinsic factor which is nessecary for the absorption of B-12. Typically there is something like a 60% inhibition so there is still some production at standard doses (Don't quote me on that).

My main concern would be in patients that have had some sort of GI resection, older patients, and alcoholics. As these patients all have a decreased absorption already.

That sound good?

Brian PharmD Candidate

LaurieShay 21 Mar 2011

Thanks Teknotard. I think it is time for me to go without the med and see if my symptoms return. I just can't stand the heartburn and the doctor said it was ok, but the reports I'm seeing suggest not. I take it everyother day 20mg because I also take Nuvigil which increases the omeprazole blood levels.

falcore1 21 Mar 2011

Is there a difference between Previcid and omeprazole? Is one better then the other? Or safer?

teknotard 21 Mar 2011

Yes there is a difference in that they are divverent drugs. Omeprazole and Lansoprazole.

But, they are both in the same class of medications, think of them like brothers - or in other terms like coke vs pepsi. Both work and typically they work the same, and they are both jsut as safe in most situations. It is a matter of personal efficacy. Technically, some people can have a better effect with one or the other.

I would go with whatever is cheaper.

The one case where there *might* be a difference is in patients taking plavix.


teknotard 21 Mar 2011

@LaurieShay - They other thing I would be wondering is when you experience symptoms. Often times if you are getting symptoms at night H2-blockers like zantac work better. Just a thought. free discount card

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