My Dr. started writing me 60mgs of methadone daily. Like all addicts, I quickly built a tolerance and have taken as much as 350 mgs at once. The clinic had me on 90mgs a day (plus I bought extra on the street). I hate to think how many tens of thousands of mgs I put in my body. On 12/14/09 (on a Monday) I made up my mind to switch to suboxone. Of course you can't switch until you are in withdrawals. I was on 90 mgs a day when I took my LAST methadone Monday morning. (no taper) Tuesday was a breeze. Wednesday, the withdrawals started. They got worse by the minute. By Friday morning I was in misery! I went to the clinic and recieved my 1st dose of suboxone. (16mgs) After an hour or so I was feeling better but about 40-50% from 'normal'. Each day got better and by the 4th or 5th day I started feeling the way I did before I took my 1st pain pill. Today is the 19th day on suboxone and it is truly like looking through a different set of eyes. Some may say I switched from one drug to another. B.S.! It is like going from drinking a 5th of vodka a day to one beer a day. It has been the best decision of my life. I think so much more clearly and have so much more energy. Remember, I was a fairly long time user (5yrs) and have taken very large doses. The good thing about suboxone is that it has a 'ceiling'. 24 mgs (8 mg pills). There is no difference in taking 24 mgs or 240 mgs. It does absolutely no good to take more than 24 mgs. I'm so glad to be off that devil methadone. I wouldn't take another one for $10,000. (unless I got cancer) It was well worth 2 and a 1/2 days of misery. ANYONE considering switching from methadone to suboxone, trust me, this is the best advice you will ever get. Suboxone has been wonderful for me.