So I have been taking the Methadone faithfully for the last 2 weeks I have started noticing the zombie effect where all I want to do is sleep and I make no sense when I talk. Then on Monday I tried to kill myself, I ended up at the psych ward and yesterday pretty much the same thing. I am still a zombie and I nod off constantly. And I also am having trouble remembering things that have happened. I feel like I am going crazy these suicidal symptoms are not me at all I am a very out going happy go lucky energetic bubbly person and now I am a lump on a log. My family barely recognizes me and today my Dad when over for a visit said I look like I have checked out there is no sparkle left in my eyes. What do I do I can't get this POS doctor to call me back are these normal symptoms? And why would my Doctor take me from 10 mg norco 4 x's a day to Methadone without trying something else first? None of this makes sense please help me with some answers and advice. I have posted before when I was just getting started on the Methadone but now it is out of control... I am nodding off as I type this and keep having to re-type cause itw makes no sense. Please help me.
Thank You,