When the patches started drying up in 48 hrs.my Dr. started perscribing Avanzia for the third day.When my Dr. got very sick Istarted having promblems getting my meds on time this caused me to become very sick from withdrawals!When I finally got my meds the nurses refused to write my Avanzia.Knowing I was in big trouble I found a Dr. through a friend who would only write methadone,this only stopped the withdrawals and did'nt help with my pain.Shortly after this my Dr. passed away so I was stuck with this Dr. who would only pescribe methadone.Not knowing what to do I went in search of a real Dr.which I found and he got me back on the right track.In the process of all this DEA came in and checked records frrom the methadone Dr. and labled me as a Dr. shopper!! What the hell was I to do die from withdrawal.I'm 60 years old and have been on pain meds for the last 35 years.Now I'm afraid I will never find a Dr. to treat me I have fibro mialgia digenerative disk diease and various other health promblems I din'nt know I was doing any thing wrong and have never been in any trouble,I was just trying to keep from being awefully sick every month!!I have 3 grandchildren that I'm trying to live for and be there for them!Now I,m really in a mess I heard of this web sight and thought I could get a handle on what to do now!!