I cannot take other pain medications- hydrocodone made my bp go up to 160/110 and I was on another that made me put 'kill myself' on a to do list like it was the most normal thing in the world. I am off of everything except this patch. I am going in tomorrow with my dr to figure out what I can take. I just am so sad right now and want this to be over. I can't stop crying. I had intensive back surgery and am slowly getting better but am still in so much pain. I just want to be off fentanyl and need to know how long I will feel this way and will discuss getting weaned off of it completely asap.
Thank you for any suggestions and answers.
Also, does benedryl help with these symptoms of going off of fentanyl?

I just want to feel normal again!!! I want to be my usually happy, positive and upbeat self!!!