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I have been on a two week trial of Vimpat. I have been a nervous wreck?

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Inactive 13 Dec 2010

Hi Shari,
First let me say welcome if you are new to
I did a small search on Vimpat and could find no interactions for benzodiazapines, so perhaps you should call your doc and ask for a small dose of ativan or xanax or valium to make that horrid side effect disappear.
It make make you a wee bit tired at first blush, but better than feelin like a nervous wreck!!!
So sorry that you feel this way. Please update us on your condition, we care.

Rajive Goel 13 Dec 2010

Great, as usual Lara, do keep me updated too! Thanks... have a nice day!

Inactive 13 Dec 2010

Good evening Rajive,
Giving you a virtual hug from Michigan,

Rajive Goel 14 Dec 2010

Good Morning Lara, hugs from India, the fascinating & incredible land the biggest democracy in the world. Take care deary, be well & safe!

Inactive 14 Dec 2010

Good evening Rajive,
Right back at you my friend!!!

Rajive Goel 15 Dec 2010

Thanks, be well, take good care of yourself, we only live once, Deary!


sharichaffin 15 Dec 2010

Hey sweetlemon,

Thank you for your response. I go back to my doctor today about this two week drug trial I have been on. I am going to tell him about me being a nervous wreck and I will ask him for some nerve pills. That would help out a lot, but he is my epilepsy doctor so I do not know if he will give me a prescription for me or not. I will keep you updated.

Thanks again,

Inactive 15 Dec 2010

I am pretty sure that Xanax falls under anti-epileptic drug category, yet not positive on this point. You must be firm with this doc of yours, tell him/her you can't live like this!!! Give him/her hell girl!!!
Good luck, and let us know what happens, free discount card

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