I use the film strips. My dr wants me to do this to wean: one strip alternating with 3/4 strip for 8 days, then 3/4 strip for 8 days; then 3/4 strip alternating with 1/2 strip for 16 days. Then I have to see him again. From what I am reading, this seems to be a real long route. I go to meetings, am real familiar with recovery, have had up to 5 years clean before. I know what it is like to get clean without suboxone. I do not like the way it makes me feel. The headaches are terrible, and I feel blah. My sub dr blames it all on 'nerves'. I have come to question this dr. and his methods just because of his comments. I read about the induction recomended, and I was not in mod to severe withdrawal and was violently ill for 36 hours. Again, he told me it was my nerves. Anyway, I am just looking for some replies to this 'method' for weaning that he as prescribed. I have found more relief for the way I have been feeling from all of your posts than from this dr. Thanks.