I stopped the Suboxone on 09/16, my last dose was close to MN on 09/15. I was on Methadone for pain management. I had been on the Methadone for approx. 3yrs & my dose kept going up. I had surgery on my C-Spine, & could not achieve pain control post-op & for several days after. I was taking 240mg./day at that time. We decided to get off the Methadone because I had developed some kind of reaction to the Methadone. I was tapered down to 0mg. & then put on the Suboxone & I had to see a different dr. for this. I am afraid, I have already begun to feel the beginnings of withdrawal & I am in quite a bit of pain. My surgeon & anesthesiologist know I am on Sub. My prescribing physician is aware of my upcoming surgery. He is totally against "opiates". I am afraid that I will not be properly medicated for pain relief & I don't know what to do?