... dizziness, nausea, brain zaps, gastrointestinal distress seem to be declining. But In the last two weeks I have been slammed with anxiety. I originally took SSRIs for OCD. Started about 11 years ago with Luvox, then Zoloft, Prozac, ending with Lexapro for about three years (20mg). I have gained 40 lbs. in that total SSRI time and had my sexual function decline to almost zero. I was tired all of the time. And I absolutely couldn't lose weight -- huge appetite! I have hoped I had experienced enough personal growth over the years to be able to handle life without the drug. But this anxiety is throwing me for a loop. I am almost ready to return to Lexapro -- damn the consequences. I am only hanging on because the other parts of my life are improving so much. If I hang on, will this super-anxiety become more manageable? I know OCD could still be a problem, but I have grown so much in my personal understanding and circumstances that I thought the OCD alone might be manageable. I want to be a writer. I also felt that Lexapro might be inhibiting my creativity. Anyone else have any insight on this?